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This was amazing! ! thing you could work on, all the attacks where nearly the same and to survive all you have to do is just stay under sans and move left or right, try to make a few where you have to move more or have the attacks at random speeds

This is a very well made game! Well Done!!!
The only thing i would like to tell you is that maybe make the attacks not as big and the attacker smaller when fighting as you can't really dodge the attacks

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Great Idea but It's a bit to laggy to properly play it

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Poosac responds:

use a diffrent browser :)

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you my friend, are underestimating your work, this is easily an open category! the only thing that doesn't look quite right are the highlights on the shoes, they seem a bit to fuzzy and don't come from the same light source, neither do they fit the shape of the shoe.... Anyway, this is a great piece a-and just because it's cartoon doesn't mean it's good

Great piece but, we can't access your wip photo as you put a link to your computer's internal link, try to post it on any form of social media or a separate post on newgrounds without the b-LVL99 tag in it so it doesn't count as an entry but shows your mid progress and put the link in by editing your post. you're welcome! oh and for future pieces, try to make the colours more even by, what i can see is marker, try to use the flicking method for even colour blending and tone or if it is partially digital or full, lay a base colour, then a rough outline, then rough darks, then rough highlights, then refine the details and shapes and finally outlining if necessary. Hope these tips helped!

TheRealGustav responds:

thanks for the tip.

The composition is great on this but try to not make the shadows so harsh as they just feel out of place and where the characters are ripping through the paper, don't make the ripped part so dark as it doesn't look right. Clothes aren't usually that bright too, I know this is a cartoon style but you don't really see bright clothes every day...
Hope this advice helps!

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